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The Absolute Button
Tom Ellis

12" - Tel 037EP - 2009 - 7.00 Eur

“The Absolute Button” is the new offering from Tom Ellis. As a follow up to his recent album, “Sex, Drugs & Sausage Rolls”, he’s continuing to create music that appeals to Djs across the spectrum of house and techno. His jazz and funk influences are quite evident here, with the live bass guitar intro on “Transformation“, the jazz and swing rhythms, the enticing tones of Suz’s voice on “Define my life”, the pure jazz horn samples popping up from time to time, and bass lines that simply cannot be ignored. “Reseal it” is the funk steady track  this one will rock any dancefloor that’s for sure, very powerfull. “Reservation” gives a more house-techno classical attitude until you hear the devil’s vocal coming up, the vocal loop is something that will easily get stuck in your head after you’ve heard it! This record is a potent addition to Tom’s catalogue, not to be missed!



A1. Transformation - 2009

A2. Reseal it - 2009

B1. Reservation - 2009

B2. Define my life feat. Suz - 2009


Release Date

Monde entier : 22 septembre 2009


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