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Dario Zenker
Munich - Allemagne

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Everything began in Munichs gay area the Glockenbachviertel when he was 8 or 9 with Dario’s passion for the king of pop (Michael Jackson). Well, the question is ‘what for’? The purpose was to preach the Hip Hop that Dario continuously approached at his second residence, Wasserburg. Additionally, this could also be called his very first step into the underground music world as two paths intersected. Besides that Dario get his first Gemini-record player at the age of 15 from his parents; he was also supported and given vinyl records and newest promotion materials from one of the best techno connections Mr. Disko B Upstart. Since that time, he practiced diligently until he drove his mother and the entire neighborhood crazy and then moved back to Munich. Musically, Dario does not want to set any limits. He listens to his heart and is open to all kinds of music, which again caught him up with the Disko B Crew very quickly. Just one of Dario’s mixed CDs was required to get Maxim Terentjev to let him perform with DJs such as Acid Mario, VITALIC vs. THE HACKER und HOMETRAINER at the Ultraschall club. All that took place when he was 18, which was also the time when Dario got to know his birth father who works as a professional sound technician. Furthermore – for Dario’s advance – his father introduced him to the technique of producing and became his early educator in producing. “Stagnation is not a ‘Super- Dario’ characteristic - movement is the key to power,” is Dario’s motto for success. Haven’t you noticed that? - Dario has realized this for a long time. Consequently, Dario may celebrate his first release on Balkon and Num rec in 2006.

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